Gutter Cleaning

Commercial and Domestic Gutter Cleaning


High Clean Windows offer a gutter cleaning service for both domestic and commercial properties.

  • Gutter Cleaning or clearing is when we remove the build up of moss, dirt, grass, leaves, other plants and tennis balls etc. from your gutters
  • Gutter cleaning, not a very glamorous service, is an essential task for the upkeep and maintenance of your property. Keeping your gutters cleared of blockages and running smoothly is very important.
  • If your gutters get blocked, then the water that drains from your roof cannot drain through the gutters and must find an exit. This is normally done by overflowing and coming over the side of the gutter, then running down your wall.


It’s not a big problem you think?

Well, yes it is and can be a very expensive problem if your gutters are left blocked and overflowing.

If the blocked gutters are left untouched it can and will have a negative impact on the value of your property.

  • On the commercial side we have come across offices where entire computer systems and Data banks have been severely damaged by overflowing gutters.
  • On the domestic side water running down the outside of your house causes damp inside. This is both unsightly and unhealthy producing bad-smelling mold spores in the house .
  • These spores can cause breathing difficulties especially in the very young, old and those with some breathing problems. If the mold is near food storage such as the kitchen, it will also spoil the food and cause sickness..



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