Water-fed Pole System

Ladderless Window cleaning

We use the water-fed pole system that uses purified water in conjunction with an extendable pole and brush or other attachment to clean windowsbuilding surfaces, vinyl awnings, solar panels etc.


Pure water creation and use:

Pure water is created by removing the sediments and total dissolved solids (tds) from the water.

The process involves a chemical and electrical process called de-ionization (di), it’s the key to pure water cleaning, electrically removing the dissolved solids turns the water into a safe, yet effective cleaning agent.

Why pure water works:

Tap water (city water) has a number of different kinds of dissolved solids held in suspension in the water.

When the water is purified these solids are removed, however pure water wants to return to its naturally dirty state. It attracts dirt from the surface like a magnet; pure water wants to become dirty water and drags that dirt to the ground.

Once the dirt is gone, the pure is all that’s left on the glass and will dry clean and spot-free.

The Advantages of the Water-fed Pole system:

  • Fully complies with health & safety regulations
  • Cleans windows, atria, paneling, cladding, signs, canopies and facia
  • Operates work from the safety of the ground, eliminating the need for ladders & high access equipment
  • Reaches previously inaccessible windows with ease
  • Reaches windows above the sensitive ground such as lawns and flowerbeds
  • Environmentally friendly no chemicals or detergents are used, just pure water
  • Cleans frames at the same time as glass
  • Reduced disturbance to building occupants and maintains privacy

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